How to become a member

If you can see yourself as a smallsizer and you make, produce, study or teach performing arts for early years, proceed as follows:

Download the application form, fill it in and send it to: The applications are forwarded to the Board of Directors, who make the decisions on membership. If you are successful, when you receive a letter of welcome, you should confirm your membership by paying the entrance fee of 200€ for companies or 100€ for individuals.

The budget of the Association is based on the membership fees. The entrance fee covers membership of the Association for the entrance year and the following one. Then the Association members are asked to pay an annual fee to support the work program. For 2018, the annual fee is 100€ for companies, 50€ for individuals.


As a member you should have a short presentation of the small size Association and a specification of your regular small size activities on your own webpage. Try to promote the network ideology in your work for the little ones. Invite Small size colleagues to your activities. Participate in events organized by the other members of the Association. Use the logo according to the “logo-regulations” to give visibility to the network.


Small size Network association members receive a logo to promote their membership of a global community.

Small size members participate in Small size days - a global celebration of performing arts for the very young. Members can promote their work through the Small size days documentation and social media. Put your name on the map!!!

Small size members may organise regional events such as festivals (as approved by the baord) and use the Smallsize logo. This may assist in lobbying for funding, awareness and the political responsibility of the decision makers with regard to early years arts in members’ own geographical regions.

Small size members automatically become members of Assitej International, regardless of whether they are members of an Assitej national centre. Assitej International is a global network association which promotes theatre for young audiences worldwide. Small size members have access to the annual gathering of Assitej International and the World Congress, held every 3 years.

Small size members receive information and support from the secretariat and other colleagues in the network. There is a vast body of expertise available as the smallsize network association has been in existence since 2008.

Small size members are invited to the events, masterclasses, workshops, discussions and parties organized by fellow members. (Discounted rates may sometimes be offered.)

Small size members can propose projects, present work and research development to network colleagues in other countries.

Small size members can find partners for co-productions, request mentors, and propose internships.

The more time, energy and passion you invest as a member, the greater the return will be to your organisation or individual company. On a national and international scale!!! Join Us today!