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If you can see yourself as a smallsizer and you make, produce, study or teach performing arts for early years, proceed as follows:


Fill in the form below and email to The applications are forwarded to the Board of Directors, who make the decisions on membership. If you are successful, when you receive a letter of welcome, you should confirm your membership by paying the entrance fee of 200€ for companies or 100€ for individuals.

become a small sizer

  • Use our logo to promote your membership of a global community.

  • Participate in Small size days 

  • Organise regional events

  • Information and support

  • Attend events, masterclasses and workshops

  • Propose projects to network colleagues

  • Find partners

  • Opportunity to participate in Assitej International events through your membership of Small size


benefits of joining

The more time, energy and passion you invest as a member, the greater the return will be to your organisation or individual company. On a national and international scale!


Join us  today!


a virtuous circle!

apply to join small size

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